Reading Other Blogs

If I want to be a succesful blogger, and do well in my Technology and Education class, I need examples. What are other people writing about this subject? I would be very interested in what other students in this class write, and how they set up their blogs.  I suppose in the weeks to come I’ll get a glimpse as to what my classmates are doing, and we can leave comments and get a dialog going.

I was given a list of relevant blogs to get me started and told to pick two to follow.

To be honest, I didn’t delve too deeply in any of ten listed, just browsed a little to get a sense of the author’s writing style and their topics.. Two caught my interest.

One of the selected blogs I’ve chosen to follow is Jeff Utecht’s The Thinking Stick.
He brings up the subject of learning  to read digital text, which is something that I’m learning to do so it’s a timely topic for me.

When I read the  tag line”Making connections where none previously existed” on Danah Boyd’s blog– I was attracted to that. I thought:”That sounds interesting. Like there’s some good analytical writing going on there”. There is an added benefit to her blog too, which may sound shallow but…. I can actually read it without my eyes going crossed and  I can scroll down to read without jumping all over the place.

Sometimes its the little things. All this newness is a bit overwhelming, but small steps will get me there eventually.


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