Using Blogs As An Educational Tool

I’ll be working a lot off of the blog created by my professor Marcus Wenzel  for my Education & Technology class. I’ll link it and other weekly assignments here at my blog, to help me along in this endeavor to understand how to use technology in the class room. This will be a record of my journey into learning by blogging as well as my class assignments.

Before I teach it, I’ll have to understand it. This technology is new to me. When I was learning, I gathered my sources from multiple books, and wrote my findings and answers on a mimeographed sheet of paper. Things are more efficient now when using technology. You can get information quickly linked to you, as you’re reading, rather than go to another bulky book.The world has changed the way we consume and share information.  Children are immersed in web culture and if they are to be taught most effectively, educators need to get on board with using that technology to reach them. Will Richardson in his book Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and other Web Tools for Classrooms makes a convincing argument that blogs are a way to do this. It allows for referencing, sharing, and writing between teachers, students and classmates.

But what do I know about blogging? I’ve done it before, just personal little journal entries, or even role playing between friends using Blogger, or keeping in touch through Facebook. I’ve never been taught or learned through the use of blogging, and I never imagined myself using it to teach others. Yet this is the way of the future, and  is something I’ll have to learn, if I want to confidently teach others to use it as a learning tool.


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